Summer Incubator 2012 - WRAPPED

Details for Summer 2013 to be announced in Q1 2013

Summer is for dreaming. For imagining what’s possible. For starting big new adventures. Selected teams can do all this and more at Mix & Stir’s 10 week “startup studio” in  at California College of the Arts in San Francisco.

We are looking for teams of talented, collaborative entrepreneurs who understand the value of design, believe in the power of deep customer knowledge and truly want to build a company. To qualify, your startup concept should address real customer needs or pain points. It should be targeted at a large, addressable market and deliver most of its benefits through scalable technology. You and your team should be committed to work hard, fast and smart – iterating along the way to produce the best MVP possible – refining it through experimentation and customer feedback.

If your team joins us, here’s what we’ll provide:

• a great studio space & working environment in the heart of SF’s Potrero neighborhood
• daily guidance using a proven model for creating a design driven organization
• hands-on assistance including refining your core concept, developing customer insights, creating a powerful brand presence and a detailed go-to-market strategy
• pre-screened legal, operations, HR and PR assistance
• support from a large network of experienced design, technology, and business mentors including leading design and user experience agencies
• mentoring and direction on funding strategies including the latest developments in crowdfunding
• social events and mentor dinners throughout the summer
• access to potential clients, sponsors and investors


Who can apply?

The ideal team will be a mix of design, business and development/programming skills. In limited instances, individuals may be considered, but ideally we’d like to see teams of 3-4 people who have worked together before in some capacity.

Do I need an idea or concept to apply?

Yes – while we admire incubators and accelerators who welcome people without concepts, we rather know about your passions. The idea doesn’t need to be fully fleshed out, but it should be detailed enough to capture our attention.

What’s the application deadline?

The final applications for the summer session must be submitted by May 25th to be included over the summer. We are considering a fall session as well, so if you are interested but missed the deadline, please let us know.

How many teams will be chosen?

We are anticipating 5 – 8 teams for the summer but we don’t have a minimum. We’ll only accept a team if we truly believe we can help them develop a desirable, financially sustainable and scalable company.

What does the incubator cost?

Nothing. Mix and Stir Studio will provide all the benefits listed above. In return, Mix & Stir will receive a small equity stake in each startup. We think you’ll also want to keep us around as mentors and board members once you start to grow, but we’ll leave that up to you.

What if I have a full time job?

If you are committed to making your idea a reality and willing to put the time in needed to make that happen, we would like to talk to you. We understand that jumping off into a start up is a huge commitment and you may need to balance your new endeavor with your day job. That’s fine, as long as you are serious about your new effort and can be present during your off hours over the summer.

Does the incubator include housing?

No, while the incubator does include access to a very cool working space for teams, participants will need to have their own housing options in San Francisco or the surrounding area.

More questions? Email us – [email protected]