What Do We Crave?

Every day, some new technology is born. Thousands of concepts exist. Rarely do they succeed. To create something people love takes more than a prototype and a spreadsheet. More than a business model or a brief. For a product or service to delight or motivate people requires more than features and benefits. It requires design.

At Mix & Stir, “Design Driven” means an intense focus on the customer. A passion to understand their pain points or opportunities to please. A willingness to cross boundaries, to listen closely, accept a different perspective. It also means a willingness to work within constraints – a bottom line, distribution channels, competitive pressures, marketing realities. None of this can be ignored or pasted over with Post-it notes.

Anyone who’s worked with a startup knows it’s a special kind of crazy. You need a high tolerance for chaos, a remarkable resilience and optimism and a thirst for reasonable risk. We are looking for these people. People who love the creative spark. Who care about business fundamentals. Who get that the sum is more than the parts. If this describes your team – tell us about your startup. If this describes you – tell us about yourself.