We’re Mix & Stir, a startup studio to promote and support design driven entrepreneurs. We’re here because we love the magic created when smart technology and brilliant design come together. We want to see more thoughtful, intentional and useful products and services in the world – and fewer ones that suck.

We want to see talented, collaborative startup teams succeed this year and in the long run. To do that, we think they need to start with a deep understanding of people and cultural trends. They need to be able to work in cross-functional teams, combining strengths and compensating for weaknesses. The hottest design won’t last if it’s not built on a viable business model. The sharpest business model won’t work if no one’s thought about the go-to-market strategy. The best marketing can fail without elegant code.

We love it when all these pieces come together and we want to help do just that. We’re here to support current and future entrepreneurs – making connections, growing teams, providing a platform for education and services – bringing these pieces together and hopefully providing some inspiration along the way. Follow us and we’ll keep you fed. Sign up and we’ll invite you for dessert.

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