Unhackathon #1

SF Taxi & Mass Communication Challenge

Feb. 24-25, 2012

Calling all designers, sofware engineers, business strategists and
other clever problem solvers who love big challenges (and cash prizes!)

Join the City of San Francisco, California College of the Arts and Mix & Stir Studio for 24 hours of intensive fun while inventing design-driven technology solutions to real world problems. We provide the challenges and interesting data; you collaborate with other smart creative people to find the solutions.

Unhackathon #1 is focused on making life in SF a little better:

Taxi! At any time, 50% of the cabs in SF sit empty. They cluster in key areas of the city, even though they’re needed in other places. Central dispatch hasn’t worked nor has the current “free market” approach. How can we take advantage of today’s technology and create a solution to distribute taxis throughout the city, where and when they are needed, so everyone benefits?

Mass Communication - the City of SF needs to communicate in real time with its citizens on a number of topics ranging from delays to disasters. How can we create a digital system to connect the City with all its constituents efficiently, effectively and affordably?

As a participant, you get:

Access to non-public data from real users
Access to wicked smart mentors, designers and engineers eager to help you
An opportunity to invent a working, technology-based solution with a global market
A community of like-minded, talented people eager to collaborate on a workable solution
A very cool design studio setting equipped with large whiteboards, displays, net connections and plenty of power outlets
Three full meals and two great parties
Cash prizes and a chance to change SF for the better